AquaBlu Draft Plan of Standard Condominium

This was passed with conditions. Note that with the three new developments on Concord – AquaBlu, AquaZul and the 5-storey Commercial Centre, the Town Planner stated that “the entire complex will be one large shared complex” for parking. That’s because parking concessions (and easements/shared services agreements) were approved overlapping parking on each other’s lots… so it will be a free for all when it comes to visitors trying to find a legal parking spot.

Our Lady of Fatima Elementary School – 69 Olive Street
A site plan application to build a child care and a classroom addition facing Olive Street was approved. This would remove some parking at the front of the building, however parking at the northeast corner will be reconfigured to accommodate the parking requirements. The Cyberquest building will be demolished and the area north of it will be used for future portable placement. The bus stacking lanes will need to be adjusted to accommodate a fire route through access from Olive to the North Service Road.

Alderman Johnston mentioned concerns over the current congestion with child drop off/pick up and that the loss of the parking at the front would exacerbate the problem. Alderman DiFlavio iterated that the design of the building was such that the gym was in the interior of the building, restricting its ability for public use during off hours, which was a shame considering the demand and shortage of gym space for recreational use in Town.

Josie’s Landing – 8 Nelles Road
Removal of part lot control was granted with conditions. Of interest is that Block 1, a section abutting Wenworth Drive, will be left as parkland and leased back to the residents/condominium until this parcel is required for a road extension.

29 Oak Street – Minor Variance
The appeal to the OMB that was brought to Council last week was presented to Planning. Planning put forward the need to maintain the character of this mid-century street when approving site plans. The home was at one time a grow-op. The new owner of the property proposes demolishing it and building a two storey home with a three car garage. Discussions between Planning and the property owner are ongoing.

GEDAC Minutes
A motion from the March 22 Grimsby Economic Development Advisory Committee meeting to name the West End Winston Neighbourhood was lifted. The DIA recently met with many of the West End business owners to invite them to an April 6 Meet & Greet wine and cheese event and to encourage participation in the DIA as affiliate members. Much discussion ensued about naming the Winston Road business district. “Grimsby on the Lake” was passed as the official name for the district and to be mounted on the nautical themed archway to be constructed.

RV Parking
At the end of the meeting a member of the audience spoke up to the committee to address an issue with the parking of large RV’s in back yards. He expressed concern that the bylaw only permitted RV’s in back yards, not side or front yards, and the negative impact to neighbouring properties.

This had been raised previously at Planning Committee on May 24, 2016. The action taken at that time was to defer until it could be addressed at the next annual review of the Comprehensive Zoning Bylaw.

Mr. Seaman noted that he had received a legal opinion. Chair DiFlavio asked if he could share the opinion, which was not disclosed. He then offered to privately meet with the member of the public to further discuss.

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