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Fact Checking: Duncan Storey – Ward 3’s “TRULY Inclusive Candidate”?

To say that the 2018-2022 term of Grimsby Council was fractured is an understatement. Take the contentious issues, lack of decorum from some Members of Council and amplify that through the use of Zoom meetings and it easy to see how things went off the rails at times.

What residents have called for loud and clear in the next Council is one that is more cohesive and works together well. But that can only happen if the Members of Council you elect possess at their core, decency and mutual respect for others, even in times of disagreement.

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Council 2018-2022: Sharpe’s Email Forwarding Leads to Harassment of Resident

Like a letter in an envelope, most people have a general expectation with email that the contents of the correspondence will remain confidential to those it is addressed to. When a person writes elected officials or government, the expectation of privacy is typically even higher.

For one resident, it turns out that writing an email to Council ended up in one Councillor forwarding it on, resulting in the resident being harassed, threatened and ridiculed online.

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NewsNow: Ward 1, 2, 3 and 4 Candidates Q&A Podcasts Posted

If you missed the Ward canadidate “Q&A” sessions, NewsNow has made recordings of them available on their website. The Ward 2 session is on October 17th, so without the aid of time machine it will not be posted until after that date.

You can listen/view the sessions by clicking the links below:

Ward 1 + Impromptu Mayoral Candidate Questions – Video Podcast
Ward 2 – Video Podcast
Ward 3 – Audio Podcast
Ward 4 – Video Podcast

Thanks to the organizers for holding these sessions and NewsNow for archiving them for your consideration.

EDITED 2022-10-23: Added Ward 2 Podcast

Council 2018-2022: G5iles – “Stand By Your Man” – Part 2

So what happened after the Special Council meeting of February 10, 2020 that called for a “third party investigation”? The meeting where Council, in the form of a G5 vote, decided to put the CAO, Harry Schlange, back to work after the Mayor had placed him on “administrative leave” when serious workplace allegations arose.

If you missed the first part of this series you can read it by clicking this link here.

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