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Month: October 2017

GO Transit Secondary Plan – Town Hall PIC October 23, 2017

The Region is holding a Grimsby GO Transit Station Secondary Plan public information centre at Town Hall on October 23rd from 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM.

This is your opportunity to let the Region and Town know what you think of the future plans for the Casablanca neighbourhood.  This will be a drop-in event with poster boards.

You can read more about the Plan here:  http://www.grimsby.ca/News-Notices/grimsby-go-transit-station-secondary-plan.html

What if the political wind changes and the GO gets “delayed”?

Read more at this NTW article:  https://www.niagarathisweek.com/opinion-story/7539145-culic-go-train-meddling-reveals-the-problem-with-provincial-politics/ 

Reader Commentary: “Doors Open” Biodigester Tour

Hot on the heels of our previous post on GEI’s advertorial that appeared recently, we received an e-mail-up from a reader who  took part in the “Doors Open” tour of the Biodigester and has been following this project closely.

Needless to say, some of the points raised are very thought provoking, but as a disclaimer… these are the independent opinions of the reader and not this site.

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