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For those who followed our last Committee of Adjustment posts on 52 Garden Drive at this link,  you might recall that the Town appealed the COA’s decision to the OMB.  A hearing on the matter was held on September 26, 2017 at Town Hall.  Not surprisingly, the applicants were a “no show” but the hearing proceeded on accordingly.

While the applicants did apply for a building permit that was in compliance with the Zoning By-Laws (and not with the requested variances) prior to the hearing, they did not withdraw the application for the variances nor did they seem to want contact with any Town staff.

Will 52 Garden Drive get a building of “Trump-style” proportions as the property owner howled while leaving the last COA meeting?  Certainly an interesting case to watch, let’s see if the new building complies with the all the provisions of the building permit.

You can read the full OMB decision here: