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Save The Wood Lot – Your Help and Support Needed!

For long-time Grimsby residents, they know the fight to save the Irish Wood Lot has been fought long and hard.  For those who are newer to Grimsby, this has been a long battle to stop a proposed extension of Livingston Road through an environmentally unique and sensitive area.

Not only would the extension cost an estimated $8.5 million of taxpayer dollars, but it would essentially be a 1.6 km “road to nowhere” as the lands that it would go through are designated Greenbelt and could not be developed.

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The Biodigester Update – More Questions Than Answers.

Photo Credit:  GEI

For those who attended Monday night’s Council meeting (and it was basically a packed house), most of us walked away with more questions on the Biodigester than what we had walking into the meeting.  It was rather interesting to see the “canned speech” which attempted to (and failed miserably) answer the questions that people are asking.

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Biodigester: Big Update at July 17th Council Meeting?

Photo Credit:  Niagara News Now (Undated)

Ordinary residents and Members of Council alike have been asking for months for an update to the over budget, much delayed and much reviled Biodigester project sitting up top of the mountain.

After plenty of stalling, we have all been promised an update at the next Council Meeting this coming Monday (July 17th).  Given the recent “developments’ (or a lack thereof when considering the project as a whole), we are sure it will be a well-attended meeting.

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