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While we are generally in a “slower cycle” when it comes to happenings at Town Hall at this time of year, we thought it apt to occasionally take a look back at topics of interest and see how we got where they are (or aren’t, if that’s the case).

Our focus today is on the CoGen, which much like the Biodigester was poised as a Grimsby Energy project that would pay for itself in no time and fill the Town coffers (via it’s holding companies) with cash.  Rather it’s turned into an earsore (requiring a noise wall that cost over $100,000) and pretty much been a white elephant.

You can read the “warm and fuzzy” feelings espoused by the then head of Grimsby Energy (who recently left as detailed here) and a member of Council in a  2010 article from Niagara This Week:

What do you think… has the CoGen delivered as was promised?