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Month: August 2022

From Responsible Growth to Responsible Governance

As an astute GCFRG reader, you may have noticed that the word “Growth” has been dropped from our banner and replaced by “Governance”. With the municipal election at our doorstep, as well as candidates, it is important to shift a large amount of focus to ensuring the community gets information to make informed decisions and thus gets the best representation at Town Hall.

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The $10 Million Waterfront Gamble: 502 Winston, Part 1 – The Art of the Deal

Image Credit: Google Inc. via Google Earth

If you didn’t catch the Public Notice in the local papers, you might have missed a notice from the Region regarding a Regional Official Plan Amendment (ROPA) application for the lands known as 502 Winston Road. The purpose of the application is to “refine the agricultural significance of the property from Unique Agricultural Area to Rural designation”. The lands are currently “Specialty Crop – Tender Fruit & Grape Lands” under the Greenbelt plan. But why re-designate you ask?

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