As an astute GCFRG reader, you may have noticed that the word “Growth” has been dropped from our banner and replaced by “Governance”. With the municipal election at our doorstep, as well as candidates, it is important to shift a large amount of focus to ensuring the community gets information to make informed decisions and thus gets the best representation at Town Hall.

The who and how of our next term of Council is a large determinant in how growth will occur in the next four years. So the spotlight now shifts to the candidates who are vying for those Council seats and ability to determine the Town’s future.

This municipal election should be another interesting one, as the past four years has provided a lot of information and new dynamics both inside and outside of Town Hall. Integrity Commissioner reports, block voting (Gx), convoy politics, developer influence, workplace and Ombudsman investigations, these are just some of the topics that will be covered, incumbents and new candidates alike.

So, feel free to grab your popcorn, favourite cuppa, notebook and writing instrument (or laptop) and start keeping score on the candidates as we enter the quadrennial season… election season.

And if you miss it already, don’t worry, the “G” will be back to Growth after October 24th.

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