Photo Credit:  GEI

For those who attended Monday night’s Council meeting (and it was basically a packed house), most of us walked away with more questions on the Biodigester than what we had walking into the meeting.  It was rather interesting to see the “canned speech” which attempted to (and failed miserably) answer the questions that people are asking.

It was quite apparent this was going to go downhill when they did not even take the time to correct the spelling of “faucility” and “teriff” in the PowerPoint presented to Council.

And when it came to answering questions of Council (and there were some good ones), a pivotal moment came when the Chair of Grimsby Energy, Shaffee Bacchus basically avoided a very important query from an Alderman and the audience exasperated (in unison) “he didn’t answer the question!”.  At this point, it could be argued by some that the whole shambolic nature of the project was more than driven home to everyone in attendance.

We will have our usual “Notes” from Council posted tonight or tomorrow with our rundown, but in the meantime, you can read Alexandra Heck’s article on the proceedings here: