Propaganda?  Damage control?

To pay for an advertisement  encouraging the public to share “feel good” comments with the local media about a very expensive and questionable piece of equipment (supported by the Town and taxpayers) … it seems like it.

Coincidentally, there is no website, contact name, phone number, or email address for the public to contact the “Grimsby Energy Team” with any questions or to send them more of those “feel good” comments.

We try to capture notes from Town meetings as accurately as possible and do not support “fake news”, a term readily thrown out nowadays by people with an indefensible position. If our facts are not correct, we encourage our readers to email us and we will gladly post corrections with supporting evidence.

The history of the Biodigester has been extensively covered in the media and in our posts here:

Biogdigester Archive

Interestingly, on our tour we were told that the Biodigester:

  • is not operating at full capacity (1 MW) and it is not known when it will be
  • is operating on only a partial schedule
  • is currently using only a controlled selection of “menu” materials
  • requires additional site construction to fully support incoming materials
  • has no provincial approval in place to sell off the “digestate” resulting from the process, the Canadian BioGas Association article posted on their website state that they are giving it away… “offering some farmers the return of digestate to spread on their fields for every tonne of feedstock they provide” – LINK HERE

Caveat emptor.