There will be a Committee of Adjustment meeting at 7PM on Tuesday, May 30, 2017 @ Town Hall.


Public meetings are on the agenda concerning:

11-11A Grand Avenue
Minimum side yard setback of 0 metres for existing structures.

52 Garden Drive
NEW building, 16.85m x 23.012m dwelling with 35% lot coverage where zoned for 25%.

Azure West
A common element road to be designated a “street” under Zoning By-law 14-45, Section 7 … which sounds like it will become the responsibility of the Town to maintain…

“Street” definition: means a right-of-way owned by a public authority and which has been opened, improved, maintained and assumed for public use and for the purposes of this By-law does not include a lane or any private street.

AquaBlu – Casablanca Corporate Centre
To provide for reciprocal easements for shared parking, vehicle/pedestrian traffic and right-of-ways between the two buildings.

LDG Installation & Services / 329 Ridge Road East
Consent to convey 1.76 hectares (Part 2) to be merged with lands to the south (Part 3) for continued residential use.

The meeting is open to the public and these public meetings represent your chance to have “a say” in the matters on the Agenda.