After our previous “Buyer Beware” article here, we decided to continue the series after seeing an announcement on the “Tower Residences” (Floors 10-15) at LJM’s Waterview development.

Despite a pending OMB hearing on the building, LJM Developments has decided to go ahead and try to sell units in their Tower Residences with the following “feel good” video, complete with a very healthy dose of artistic license.

Considering the  actual date of the OMB hearing on this building and it’s outcome (whether these units will ever be built) is yet to be determined, this puts potential buyers into a high risk category should they decide to part ways with their deposit money.

A developer trying to sell units with a big question mark of whether they will ever be built attached to them is far from logical.

We will leave it up to readers to draw their own conclusions on this one.