Following up on our previous “Buyer Beware” post, we noticed the following comments from the father of a very unhappy buyer regarding LJM’s smaller development in Burlington, Appleby Gardens.

While we were just going to quote a few of the major deficiencies from this recent public Facebook post, we thought we would provide an unfiltered view for you.

Needless to say, it is quite clear corners are being cut and quality control seems to be lacking.    It begs the question, if a developer is delivering this level of “quality” on a small project consisting of “71 luxury suites”, what surprises will be in store for the hundreds of buyers who have already bought into the Waterview condominiums in Grimsby?

Rather than speculating why a builder would release a unit that the buyer contends is “not habitable”, we will let you draw your own conclusions.

Hint:  It might be the same reason why Waterview Phase I is behind schedule and on any given work day, only a small handful of workers are actually on site.