We hope that everyone managed to enjoy the unseasonable (in a good sense) weather we had this past weekend.  While it may have felt like summer, it is definitely fall and the Planning & Development Agenda for this Tuesday’s meeting is an extensive buffet of items.

Grab your utensils and let’s dig into the Agenda!

Please note:  Due to the Fees By-law Public Meeting, the start time will be at 6:00 PM.

Full Agenda:  https://grimsby.civicweb.net/filepro/documents/?preview=86818

Development Application Fees Review Public Meeting
The last formal review was done in 2005 and this update is needed to catch up to cost recovery for development growth, current usage and staff resource demands.

Open House – 27 John Street –  Zoning Amendment
To permit three, 3-storey buildings with a total of 40 stacked condo units and 63 parking spaces (29 in garages).  The amendment is requesting reductions in front and side yard setbacks, parking standards (1.45/unit whereas 1.5/unit is required) and the number of accessible parking spaces.

You can read some history on the adjoining development by the same developer in our previous posts here and here.

Open House – 260 & 270 Hunter Road –  Zoning Amendment
This is the location of the former Westbrook Floral administration buildings.  The zoning amendment is to permit additional uses for one of the buildings to “Commercial School” and “Administration Offices”, leaving the second building as “General Employment”.


211-265 Central Avenue (Phelps Homes – Legacy) Webb Planning Consultants Delegation and Report
Read the history on this site in our previous post here.  The draft plan of condominium and zoning amendment are being brought forward again following Planning Committee’s request for a number of changes to the site plan.  It seems there are still issues with fire emergency access, snow and waste removal… but they’re moving ahead…


10 Windward Drive (Previous Planet Nite Club Site) – Rosebay – Site Plan Application
To approve the site plan for this 204 unit development consisting of two towers, 18 and 14 storeys each (with commercial and residential above, fronting Winston Rd) and nine 3-storey townhomes facing Windward.

Interestingly, since the last public meeting early this year, they have increased the number of units to 204 from 189, and parking to 327 from 301.


OMB Decision – Pre-Hearing on 560 North Service Road (LJM Waterview Phase II)
Read the history on this development in our previous post here.  It’s a giant step forward to have succeeded to this point.  We are now at the stage where the OMB will proceed to a full hearing scheduled to start on October 30 at 10:00 AM for five days.

Thanks to all those who have supported us from the beginning and continue to do so!