Given the recent release of 20 years of Regional Councillor expenses and the disclosure of the costs in the NPCA’s fruitless case against Ed Smith, it seems that those on Regional Council are keeping tight lipped about how they have been spending your tax dollars.

While the article in The St. Catharines Standard takes aim at several Regional Councillors, of local interest is NPCA Board Member and Grimsby Regional Councillor Tony Quirk.  According to the article, Councillor Quirk  is mum on how $70,000 in legal costs turned into $146,000 for that frivolous NPCA case.

From the article:

Quirk said he did not have those details, and would not provide them if he did because he did not like the reporter, who he accused of “collaborating” with other politicians to “undermine” the municipal government.

Quite the interesting response to say the least.  Seeking truth is not undermining government, it is simply holding them accountable in a quest for transparency.

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