February 13 – Planning & Development Committee Meeting – Notes

GO Train Station Secondary Plan

Another great turnout by local residents resulted in a full Council Chamber for the GO Train Station Secondary Plan final report.

Here is the agenda that was presented with the Plan and recommendations:


Here are the minutes as posted on the Town website:


Public comments included concerns regarding:

  • Building heights
  • Traffic impacts on Casablanca residences entering/exiting driveways
  • Cut-through traffic on neighbouring streets in stable neighbourhoods
  • Sharing costs for a potential grade separation
  • Future development in the area
  • Improvements to Casablanca Blvd.
  • The cost of infrastructure and public transit
  • The need to have clear definitions with respect to bonusing
  • Consider deferring approval of the Plan until the Section 37 consultant’s recommendations are implemented
  • The need to define mid-rise in the Secondary Plan
  • The need for parking for the beach areas
  • Concern regarding possible disposal of MTO/town owned property in the Casablanca/NSR interchange
  • Complaints of noise from construction, additional traffic and construction in the area
  • Greenbelt lands being utilized by Metrolinx for future parking lots
  • Lack of input to the Plan as the Active Transportation Committee had not been consulted
  • Timing of an environmental assessment for the west of Emily Street connection to the transit station
  • Status of the previous environmental assessment for Casablanca/Main St West to Oakes Road
  • “Staging”/phasing additional employment lands to allow for current employment lands to be “absorbed” (IBI group)

Comments from Planning Committee and staff:

  • What if the GO train is delayed …  everyone is going to need their cars – – hope it will be a reality but in this town, sometimes reality doesn’t happen
  • Should have specific criteria and more detail for shadow studies
  • All comments should be written in to the minutes to make a record
  • The boundary of the Secondary Plan should be the QEW
  • “Should not have that pimple in it” – last thing we need is another building there (northeast quadrant of Casablanca/NSR interchange)
  • “Sometimes I get the feeling we’re shouldering the whole density of the Province – – not sure that the Toronto model of putting 10 lbs in a 5 lb sack applies to Grimsby”
  • Improving Casablanca should be #1 priority
  • It hasn’t been 100% determined yet that the Town owns it (northeast quadrant)
  • Phase/stage some of the development until the GO is completed – doesn’t make sense that it can immediately be built – everything else should be put in place – this creates a pressure on the land that doesn’t currently exist
  • Never seen a station policy like that – – the market will control phasing for an intensification area (consultant)

Budget Items

A number of committee budget items were passed.  Watch for budget deliberations to come to Committee of the Whole.

Century Condos Downtown

When asked by member Agnew about the picture of the proposed Century Condos development posted in the local media, the Director of Planning stated that a freedom of information request had been received.  Therefore the Town had to provide everything that had been given to the Heritage Committee as part of the agenda and it had to be posted on the Town website.

The Director of Planning also noted that it is “unprecedented in terms of the downtown.”  Alderman Wilson asked that Planning Committee members should receive this information first and that a copy should be provided.

314 Main Street East Heritage Designation

Also on the agenda was the designation under the Ontario Heritage Act of 314 Main Street East (see our previous post here).  The property owner has registered as a delegation to speak at the upcoming Council meeting on February 20th.


Moved by M. Seaborn; Seconded by Ald. J. Johnston;

Resolved that 314 Main Street East be designated under Section 29, Part IV of the Ontario Heritage Act as a property of cultural heritage value or interest.

February 20 – Council – Agenda – 7:00 pm

The agenda for the Tuesday night’s Council (moved due to Family Day on Feb 19th) can be viewed here:  https://grimsby.civicweb.net/filepro/documents?expanded=542,543,90113&preview=91530

For those committed citizens who have attended the GO Train Station Secondary Plan public meetings, this will be an opportunity to hear Planning staff’s final report and comments from the Aldermen.

This could be a very interesting meeting given the gravity of this plan, community interest and the scrutiny of Council.

Also on the agenda is Heritage Designation – 314 Main Street East, as mentioned previously in this post.