We’ve got a double-feature with today’s post covering both the May 7 and May 8 Council and P&D meetings, respectively.

Monday, May 7 – Council Notes

Agenda: https://grimsby.civicweb.net/filepro/documents?expanded=543,90113&preview=93958

Minutes: https://grimsby.civicweb.net/filepro/documents?expanded=1127,1965,90198,90105&preview=94104


Bill Thompson, Director, Nelles Manor Heritage House Committee, spoke to Council about an upcoming fundraiser and reception at Nelles Manor on June 10th at 2 pm to recognize the June 4, 1818 anniversary of the end of the War of 1812. They hope to raise $100 for every year the house has been standing (220 years).  He mentioned the financial expenses the museum faces including approximately $15,000 in taxes as museums do not fall into an exempted category under MPAC.  There is an exemption for “battlefields” and they are pursuing this through MPAC.  Alderman Berry suggested that Council could consider helping the museum cover the tax cost on a one-time basis through use of the Town’s hydro board member dividends.

Blessed Trinity Rankin Run Committee Co-chairs Tess Arnold and Amy Antidormi welcomed members of Council and the public to participate in the Rankin Cancer Run walk or run challenge (5 km) on Saturday, May 26.  The event commences with overnight activities the evening of May 25 through to Saturday’s walk/run.  Alderman DiFlavio offered to shave his head if the students are able to raise $60,000.  To support Blessed Trinity’s efforts (and help Alderman DiFlavio lose his ponytail ), visit: http://www.rankincancerrun.com/  (type Blessed Trinity into the “Last Name” search box under “Donate”)

Casablanca and Livingston Avenue Extension Environmental Assessments (attached)

Alderman Berry reported that Niagara Region is commencing two Environmental Assessments, the Casablanca Blvd. –  North Service Road to Main Street and GO Station Access, and the Livingston Avenue Extension west of Emily St. to Main St.  These EA’s are to identify transportation infrastructure requirements, timing, costs and associated approvals to address the area’s projected growth including implementation of the GO Transit Station. Questions regarding the study should be directed to the Region:  Carolyn.ryall@niagararegion.ca  or pmacleod@dillon.ca.

Download (PDF, 306KB)

Mayor Bentley noted that there will be two phases of the Livingston EA, one to assess access to the GO station from the Emily Street neighbourhood and a second to assess the need to extend Livingston to Main Street. He stated that the transit study that is being done as part of both EA’s will determine the need, and if there is no need, then phase two won’t go forward.  The RFP put out by the Region to the successful consultant does not differentiate these “phases”.  If anyone is interested in reading the full RFP and amendments posted by the Region, just email us and we’ll provide them.

Although the Region has included their Woodlands By-law No. 30-2008 in the Secondary Plan and state they will maintain a “buffer”, it remains to be seen if the EA and Traffic Impact Studies will actually justify a need for the extension.  The EA’s are expected to be completed by August 2019. We will be closely following as this process unfolds and update you as we hear of public meetings.

The Region’s Woodlands Bylaw No. 30-2008 can be found here:


From the Grimsby GO Transit Station Secondary Plan as approved by the Region:

“12.3.12           Protected Natural Environment

  1. a)      Environmental  Conservation  Areas  and  Environmental  Protection  Areas within the Secondary Plan have been identified on Schedule G. Please refer to  Section  3.1.1  of  the  Town of  Grimsby  Official  Plan  for  environmental policies.  More  specifically,  please  refer  to the  policies  in  section  3.1.1  forEnvironmental   Protection   Area   policies   and   3.1.2   for   Environmental Conservation Area policies.
  1. b)      The Secondary Plan area includes a privately owned woodlot designated as an   Environmental   Conservation   Area,   which   should   be   protected   in accordance with the policies of the Regional Official Plan and the Town of Grimsby Official Plan. In addition, the Town shall support the protection of the    woodlot    through    compliance    with    the    regulations    of   Regional Municipality of Niagara By-Law No. 30-2008 (By-Law to Prohibit or Regulate the  Harvesting,  Destruction  Or  Injuring  Of  Trees  In  Woodlands  In  The Regional Municipality Of Niagara).
  1. c)      The  Niagara  Peninsula  Conservation  Authority  (NPCA)  regulates  hazard lands  through  the  Regulation  of  Development,  Interference  with  Wetlands and Alterations to Shoreline and Watercourses” (O. Reg. 155/06). Regulation 155/06 includes hazards related to floodplains, slopes, erosion-prone sites and   wetlands.   The   NPCA   has   developed   policies   to   implement   the Regulation, which prohibit development within these areas and on adjacent lands. The NPCA should be contacted when development is proposed.”

Admin & Finance (Alderman Mullins)

  • Grimsby Energy promissory note – will be making interest payments now, new source of revenue.
  • New IT positions and HR manager position being added.
  • New town website this fall.
  • Peach King Centre debt retired in 2015.
  • Tax shift in classes (between commercial/industrial/residential) by the Region will impact taxes (increase of about $53).
  • The levy increase for 2018 is 4.35%.  What does this mean for your taxes?  Check out the presentation:


Grimsby Energy and Biodigester (Alderman Berry)

  • GEI – money is being returned to the Town.
  • Biodigester is almost operating at 100%.
  • And more good things are happening.

Pumphouse Pier Repairs

  • $80,000 is set aside in the capital budget for repairs to the Pumphouse pier.
  • Project may not go through this year as there needs to be an underwater evaluation of the pier first.
  • Evaluation will cost $5-10K.

Waterfront Revetment and Grant Money

  • Mayor Bentley noted that the Town may receive more waterfront grant money for shoreline protection – we can now reapply to the Region

Rec Services (Alderman Wilson)

  • Recreation Service minutes – Grimsby Power staff have been using Peach King Centre fitness facility for years.
  • Need to reconsider as they are a private entity and there is no ability to control who is who using the facility.
  • Mayor Bentley will meet with the GPI Board to discuss further.
  • Southward Park bleachers were “relocated/acquired” from other parks in Town.

May 8 – Planning & Development Committee Notes

Agenda:  https://grimsby.civicweb.net/filepro/documents?expanded=542,773,89907&preview=93842

Minutes:  Have not been posted yet.

Phelps Site Plan Application – 211-265 Central Avenue (Legacy Condominiums)

The consultant for the developer answered questions about the width of driveway parking spaces, aisle width, the composite noise wall, and Appendix A conditions. The conditions appeared to be written as draft notes and a number of questions ensued. The Director of Planning will present an updated Appendix to Council on May 22, clarifying the conditions.

10 Windward Drive (Rosebay – Odyssey 20 storeys)

Franz Kloibhofer, A. J. Clarke and Associates, and Clifford Korman, architect, presented on behalf of the developer. Since the April 16 Council meeting they have met with staff and the Town’s peer reviewer to fine tune the site plan application by adding a 2.2 metre podium along Winston Road as well as a 6.1 metre podium at the back of the tower to reduce negative internal wind impacts. Mr. Kloibhofer confirmed that they meet the lot area density and that all site statistics meet all requirements. Mr. Kloibhofer also stated that the developer would cover costs of the “Winston Road Square” under the future site plan agreement.  He noted that there will be extended patio and seating areas and patrons of the commercial units can go through the landscaped areas.

Alderman DiFlavio stated that he has “learned from this” and will require a wind study for future buildings.  He noted that the development is “pretty close to as good as we can get” and is “happy with the final product”.

Town staff did not present to confirm but stated in a written memo that they are: “satisfied that the modifications made to the plan and elevations represent a significant improvement in the quality of he project.” The recommendation that the revised plans and elevations be approved was passed.

Site Alteration Bylaw Amendment

Some changes were made to the previously approved site alteration bylaw (fill bylaw).

Information on the new LPAT (replacing OMB)

Discussion on the new role of the LPAT and what it means moving forward for appeals of planning matters.  A concern was raised that the public minutes recorded on the Town website are not very detailed and that this may be an issue if the LPAT will have regard to the content of Committee and Council minutes when assessing cases.

Zoning of Cannabis Production and Sales

There was much discussion on the current wording in the Official Plan and Zoning By-law (section for Medical Marihuana Facilities and the absence of any guidelines for recreational grow facilities.  Also, the possible location of cannabis dispensaries under current zoning by-law as permitted retail uses.  Planning staff were asked to review the existing land use planning framework and to seek an opinion from the peer review consultant.

That’s all for now!