This special convening of the Committee of Adjustment was held this afternoon (Friday July 6, 4PM) to re-hear the minor variance application of 1834439 Ontario Inc.  The minor variance was to allow a proposed licensed marijuana facility within 80m of residential homes, where the By-Law requires instead 150m of separation.

The meeting time may have caught many by surprise as deferred applications usually are re-heard at the next CoA meetings, typically held on Tuesdays at 7 PM.  Despite this awkward time, it was good to see some members of the public get out and ask questions of the applicant and Committee.  Alderman Berry and Kadwell were also in attendance.

It seems the Committee was in quite a rush, as they initially wanted to vote on the motion and get out the door without public input despite it being a public meeting.  Even those who wished to comment were pressed to keep their comments brief, despite Town protocol giving residents 10 minutes to have the floor.

Member Andreychuk who had previously declared a pecuniary (financial) interest in the matter did not attend the meeting.  The other members of the Committee who were in attendance voted unanimously in favour of the variance and passed the motion.