Photo Credit:  Julie Jocsak/ St. Catharines Standard

The Standard recently published an article on the Aleafia medical marijuana facility in Grimsby (378 South Service Road) that we first covered on our site in July.  You can find our previous posts by clicking this link.

Allan Benner of the Standard spoke to us, company representatives and even Mayor Bentley.  What stood out in the article is that Mayor Bentley only now echoes our sentiments about potential odours from the facility:

Bentley said the prevailing winds in the area blow from the southwest to the northeast, but winds do occasionally change direction and “we could see major complaints.” Even with emission controls in place, “you still have odours,” he added.

Interestingly enough, at the July 16th Council meeting, the Mayor all but ignored the same concerns raised by a delegation of residents and effectively led the discussion away.  Mayor Bentley now aligning with GCFRG’s concerns, may come as a surprise to Alderman Berry who cited the presence of the small CN rail berm and the belief that the odour controls will work (they don’t, ask Pelham) in his decision to support the CoA decision to allow the facility.

You can read Mr. Benner’s full article here:

The Standard wasn’t the only local media to pick up on the story of the Aleafia facility, NewsTalk 610 CKTB featured a spot with one of our contributors this weekend.  Host Matt Holmes explored areas of odour and the lack of transparency from the Town on dealing with this facility.

You can listen to the segment here: