With the last week of summer upon us, Council is back in session at it’s regular time on Monday night (September 17th @ 7PM).  Concerning the agenda, if you enjoy having a garage party after 11PM or dusting it up with a little street fight now and then…. the By-Law updates are for you.  For the rest of us, the Biodigester delegation may prove to be the more interesting item.

The Agenda for the meeting can be found here:  https://grimsby.civicweb.net/filepro/documents/?preview=97440

By-Law Updates

The Town is updating a few By-Laws including corrections and clarifications to the Zoning By-Law 14-45, but it is the updates to the noise and nuisance By-Laws that proved a most amusing read.  While the set fines are no joke, getting cited for some of these offences may prove to be more embarrassing than the fines attached to them.

The updated Schedule for the nuisance By-Law is as follows:

If you happen to run into a By-Law officer when on a bender, it might be a pricey night to say the least!

Biodigester Delegation

Following on the heels of last Monday’s heated Admin & Finance meeting which had Alderman Berry engage in what at least was unacceptable behaviour (link here), a resident will be presenting as a delegation on the topic of the proposed tax break for the Biodigester.

Having read the submission in the Agenda, it sounds like a lot of important questions will be posed to Council.  Hopefully there will be no notable “regrets” and all of Council will be there listen and participate in a long overdue discussion.

While Council is under no obligation to address issues raised by a delegation, it could go almost any way.  The most telling would be the “conspiracy of silence” with Aldermen pretending not to have anything to say or it could be an open and frank discussion of the project.  In any case, we hope all of Council will be on their best behaviour.

As always, Council meetings are open to everyone and the public is encouraged to attend.  The meeting starts at 7PM at Town Hall, 160 Livingston Avenue.