The Region sent out a letter to residents along Casablanca announcing a “Stakeholder Workshop” will be held on September 27, 2018 at Southward Park Community Centre in regards to the Casablanca Environmental Assessment (EA).  While the letter was sent to those on Casablanca Boulveard, if you have an interest or simply live in the West End of Grimsby, you should attend.

Below is the letter that was sent out:

Anybody who lives anywhere near Casablanca will be affected by what the Region is planning to do there and thus has a righteous interest as a stakeholder.  While the letter does say “RSVP”, we are not sure that is a requirement…. if you want to be sure you are “on the list”, then e-mail the Regional contact listed.

On a related note, the Region has survey links for the Casablanca and Livingston EAs that the public can provide their input at:

The second PIC (Public Information Centre) evening for both of these Environmental Assessments has been set for November 28, 2018 – 5PM at the Casablanca Winery Inn.

Conveniently timed after the election to try and spare the rod of the voters on our local Regional Councillor, it will be an interesting night where the hired consultant, Dillon Consulting will confirm the need for the Livingston Avenue extension present various scenarios and strategies for these assessments.

Stay tuned… in the next few days, we will be posting an interesting article on the Region and what they will likely do, despite “public input”!