As the next step in the Grimsby Beach “Land Use Planning Study”, the Town will be hosting a “webinar” on October 26, 2021 at 6PM. Ahead of this webinar, the Town has posted documents including the consultant’s draft report recommending a “Secondary Plan” and not a “Heritage Conservation District”.

Although elements of heritage and culture are sought to be protected under the proposed Secondary Plan, an HCD can provide for greater protection of heritage. In the consultants own words “The policies and guidelines of an HCD Plan can be as restrictive or prohibitive as the municipality and community desires.”

Despite the historic and fragile nature of Grimsby Beach, the report did not recommend an HCD or examine why an HCD may or may not have been a better fit for the area.

The report estimates that between now and 2051 (30 years from now)… only 15 new units will be added in Grimsby Beach.

With only 15 anticipated new units in the next 30 years, it begs the question why does the report and it’s substantive content feel geared towards much higher levels of development?

You can decide for yourself, by reading the documents ahead of the webinar at the link below. They appear about halfway down under “Supporting Documents”:

The webinar goes live on Tuesday at 6PM via Zoom. A scheduled livestreaming event does not appear on the Town’s YouTube page, so it might only be accessible at this Zoom link: