After the Province made good on their promise to rollback all their Greenbelt changes, the developers at 502 Winston have “reactivated” their original Town and Regional Official Plan Amendment applications. The applications are attempting to “redesignate” the Greenbelt property from Specialty Crop/Tender Fruit to the lesser protected Rural designation. This would “pave the way” for an urban boundary expansion and potentially significant development on those lakefront lands.

The two public meetings, one with the Town and one with the Region, are your only opportunities to delegate and give elected officials a piece of your mind about this “rebooted” attempt to change the Greenbelt.

The Town is hosting their Public Meeting on June 5, 2024 at 6PM and you can participate in-person at Town Hall or via Zoom. The public notice is as below:

And the Region of Niagara’s meeting a week later, on June 12, 2024 is at the inconvenient time of 1PM. The notice for that meeting is as below:


You can find the background studies and supporting documentation for these proposals at the Town’s development application page at: 502 Winston Road Supporting Documentation

You can also read old posts about this property, by following the post tag here: 502 Winston Road Archive