As we have previously posted, there will be no land removed from the Greenbelt in Grimsby as a result of the 2017 amendments to The Greenbelt Plan.  That however has not deterred the Town’s hope of some “concessions” concerning land around the planned GO station.

In a press release concerning the Greater Golden Horseshoe and the updated land use plans, Minister of Municipal Affairs Bill Mauro stated:

“This region will continue to experience a lot of growth in the coming years, so we need to be wise about the way we plan and build our communities. These revised plans provide a smarter approach — by making more efficient use of land, resources and infrastructure — so that we can protect our environment, preserve precious farmland, boost our economy, address climate change and develop smart, sustainable, transit-supportive communities”.

For the Town to extrapolate this to meaning that land will be pried out of the Greenbelt here in Grimsby on a special basis, is highly speculative at best.

You can read more in the following Niagara This Week article at: