This week brings us meetings of many of the Town Committees and they sure look to have an interesting lineup… a little something for everyone it seems.

June 12  @ 4:30 PM – Administration & Finance


June 13 @ 7:00 PM – Planning  & Development


Public Open House – 8 Lake Street

This proposal includes splitting the property into four blocks with two lots, converting the existing single detached home into a semi-detached building on the first lot and adding four new semi-detached units on the second lot.  Robinson Street North would be reconstructed from Lake Street to the pumping station to incorporate a roadway turnaround.

Download (PDF, 1.48MB)

Resurrecting the Heritage Committee

This report details the Planning Director’s vision for the new “Heritage Grimsby” committee.  It includes a revamped Terms of Reference, By-law, Heritage Plaque Policy and recommendation for a Heritage Grimsby Policy Manual.

If you’ve been following the dissolution of the former Grimsby Heritage Advisory Committee, it won’t come as a surprise that the wording of these new documents would leave citizens a little hesitant about throwing their name in the hat when Council can expel anyone “as it considers desirable” and “remove any member for any reason it deems fit”

And, of course, the Chair would be a member of Council:

And, don’t even think about talking to the public or media (or us) – being in a “privileged” position:

Watch for the newspaper notice calling for citizen appointees to this new committee.  Only those interested in “towing the line” should apply.

June 13  @ 7:00 PM – Committee of Adjustment

52 Garden Drive
For those who attended the May 30th COA meeting, the developer has come back with a revised proposal.

Download (PDF, 336KB)

June 14 @ 7:00 PM – Public Works


All meetings are held at Town Hall, 160 Livingstone Avenue and open to the public.  Residents are encouraged to attend and participate.