If you have been following the progress of the Grimsby Biodigester Biodisaster project, besides the significant delays,  possible future treatment of processed sewage you will probably have noticed that the whole project is cloaked in more secrecy than a  “Skunk Works” project at Area 51.

Even Aldermen on Council have taken note, repeatedly directing update requests to the Mayor… none of which never seem to materialize.  The Council meeting on July 17 is supposed to finally have an update, but the breadth and depth of this update is yet to be seen.

The big issue on the Biodigester lately has been the question of cost… originally budgeted around $4 million, it is speculated that the final cost will be around $9 million, about twice the original budget.  And unless the folks behind the project are keeping it secret (which would come as no surprise), it has yet to generate any revenue.

For a more detailed look at the cost issue on the Biodigester, read Alexandra Heck’s eye-opening article from Niagara This week at: https://www.niagarathisweek.com/news-story/7417358-grimsby-council-mum-on-biodigester-finances/