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With the Public Works Committee meeting discussing the future of the Irish Woodlot coming up on August 16th, we thought we would bring back a couple articles that give a little history on the beginnings and battle to protect these precious lands.

The articles are written pre-Greenbelt Review, so please bear in mind that these areas are now (as they were) protected under the new Greenbelt Plan.

We rather liked this one comment from Bruce Mackenzie of Save the Woodlot…

“You can cut a forest down once… but you have to save it 1,000 times.”

You can read the Media Co-Op article here:

EDIT:  Some users have reported they can not open the Media Co-Op link.  We have uploaded a PDF version of the article that you can view by  clicking here.

And the Niagara This Week article here:

Just as a reminder, please call your local Alderman and the Mayor to tell them you wish for them to “Save The Woodlot”.   Contact information can be found in a previous post by clicking here.