The fire trucks are long gone but for those who live or have businesses in Downtown Grimsby, things are not as they used to be.

With a part of westbound Main Street still closed to vehicular traffic, the temporary move of the Market to the Peach King Centre,  coupled with people being on summer holidays… businesses are still being impacted by the aftermath of the downtown fire.

With one business owner reporting that her business is down about 50%, one can only imagine that other local businesses are seeing similar negative impacts.  The sooner the insurers can get people compensated and a plan for demolition in place, all the better to sustain the viability of the downtown area.

Once the area can be fully re-opened, the DIA will be holding a street party which will hopefully be the catalyst to bringing the people back downtown.

But there is no reason to wait, there is plenty of free parking at the Town lots north and south of Main and only a small area around the affected building remains closed off.

The weather is great, so get downtown and support our local businesses.

For more in depth coverage, please read Alexandra Heck’s article here: