Council is back for another summer session on Monday August 21st, 2017 at 6:30 PM (summer start time).  There is a couple interesting delegations on the Agenda including one to speak about the dumping that is occurring on Kemp and another landowner family *supporting* the idea of a Livingston Avenue Extension.

The full agenda is viewable at this link:

It appears something is quite afoul on Kemp Avenue with loads of trucks dumping fill.  Mike Williscraft penned an excellent editorial on the Town’s (non-)response that you can read at this link and now someone will ask Council to address the issue.

Not surprisingly, there seems to be little disclosure about exactly what (the 5 W’s) is happening at that location.  The Town posted the following to their Facebook page at this link here:


The second notable item is a landowner delegation from Main St W. who will be cheerleading to bring the paving crews in for a Livingston Avenue Extension.  As one can expect, they are cloaking their real hopes and dreams of the LAE by arguing the very tired “public safety” angle when it comes to a trail.  The correspondence is *really* worth a read, for example…

“Police, firemen and paramedics have to respond to trail issues instead of dealing with real emergency calls in the community”

On a related note, the Public Works Committee minutes of August 16th, 2017 are on the Agenda for approval.  If the Livingston Avenue Extension/Save The Woodlot matter is not specifically lifted for consideration, the decision of the PWC to engage in the EA process and keep the door to a road open, they will be passed as part of the minutes package and without further discussion.  It should be interesting to see if there is a spirited debate or if Council tries to glaze over the matter and hope we do not notice.

A few other items of note:

  • Habitat for Humanity Presentation
  • Grimsby 150 Time Capsule – Public Library and Public Art Gallery Presentation
  • Planning, Building and Engineering Fee Review

Council meetings are held at Town Hall, 160 Livingston Avenue and are open to the public.