Admin & Finance Agenda – 3:30 pm, December 11

On Monday, the Admin & Finance Committee will discuss the 2016 audited financial statements and a number of reports.

The agenda is viewable at:,761,79389&preview=89326

It will be interesting to hear if anyone brings up the missing $9 million (after taxes etc., maybe closer to $6 million left) from the sale of the Town’s shares in Niagara Region Broadband (read our previous post here).

This mention in the auditor’s report certainly sounds like it is related to our not beloved $10 million dollar biodigester, which, we the taxpayers are on the hook for (Note 22 – Page 28):

Debt guarantee: The Municipality has guaranteed the indebtedness of GEI, a wholly owned subsidiary of 1938427 Ontario Inc., wholly owned by the Municipality, in the amount of $ 4,500,000 plus costs. As of December 31, 2016, $ 4,500,000 (2015 – $ 3,845,000) of the loan was outstanding.

There also are some interesting observations unearthed in the audit including significant deficiencies in internal control (see pages 66-70).

This is your money being spent and if you wonder where it’s all going, sit in on this meeting at 3:30 pm on Monday, December 11 at Town Hall.

Planning & Development Committee Agenda – 7:00 pm, December 12

This meeting is especially important to the future of Grimsby, as the new GO Transit Station Secondary Plan for the Casablanca area is being put forward for approval at P&D with final approval by Council on December 18.  A public meeting and presentation will be held at the beginning of the agenda for comments and last minute input.

This is your last chance to have your say!

Download (PDF, 272KB)

The full P&D agenda is viewable at:,79437&preview=89286

Public Works Committee Agenda – 4:30 pm, December 13

The PWC meeting agenda is viewable at:,823,79362&preview=89393