We heard the people loud and clear.  The question is… did Grimsby Town Council?

The citizens of Grimsby are NOT happy with the proposed Century Condos development downtown.  NewsNow reports on the developer-led March 1st Open House here: http://wn3.ca/2018/03/09/raucous-crowd-greets-desantis-proposal/

Do you want to do something about it?
Do you want to send your message of disapproval loud and clear to Council?

Please look for us in the parking lot starting at 6:30 pm – we will be wearing RED


We have put together a letter template below (and attached) that you can cut and paste into an email, or print and put in the regular mail to Mayor Bentley and members of Council.

Just remember to complete the date, your name and address (to confirm you are a Grimsby resident), email and an optional phone number.

E-Mail Template Instructions

  1.  Login to your mail service provider if you have not already done so.
  2. Address the e-mail by cut and pasting the following block of addresses into the “To” field:
    bbentley@grimsby.ca; sberry@grimsby.ca;
    dwilson@grimsby.ca; mseaborn@grimsby.ca;
    dkadwell@grimsby.ca; jdunstall@grimsby.ca;
    jjohnston@grimsby.ca; ndiflavio@grimsby.ca;
    cmullins@grimsby.ca; hsoady-easton@grimsby.ca
  3. Enter your own subject or…  Respect the OP:  No More Than Four!
  4. Copy the template below to your email body, fill in the blanks and send.
  5. Leave us a comment on our FB post here with “Letter Sent”.

Note:  If your mail app (usually mobile) has issues with the semi-colons after the e-mail addresses, try replacing them with commas.

Letter Template for E-Mail or Postal Mail (PDF File Here)

Date:  ______________________

Mayor R. N. Bentley and Members of Council
Town of Grimsby
160 Livingston Avenue
Grimsby, ON
L3M 4G3

RE:        6 Doran Avenue & 21-23 Main Street East Development – DeSantis “Century Condos”

Mayor Bentley and Members of Council,

I am a citizen and resident of the Town of Grimsby.  I am writing this letter to express my concern with the development proposed for the Downtown – Main Street site at 6 Doran Avenue.

I support and encourage a vibrant and prosperous downtown where both residents and businesses benefit from responsible and controlled growth and redevelopment.

I hereby state my opposition to the proposed development in that:

  • The proposed development is over-intensification of the site.
  • The proposed height of the development, at eight storeys, does not respect or maintain the streetscape character of the downtown.
  • The proposed development creates negative impacts and does not protect or enhance the historic character of the Downtown.
  • The proposed development does not respect and “protect the small town character and feel of Grimsby”.
  • The proposed development at eight storeys does not respect the Official Plan height maximum and the vision and core design of the heritage and historic Downtown.

ACTION:  I respectfully request that this Council not permit the development as it is proposed at eight storeys and require the proponent to adhere to the four storey height maximum for the Downtown – Main Street area.

ACTION:  I respectfully request that this Council respect and adhere to the Official Plan height maximum as set at four storeys for this site.

ACTION:  I would ask that this correspondence be included for information and action to Council.

Name (Print):     ____________________________  Address:    ______________________________

Signature:         ____________________________     Phone:      ______________________________

Email:                ____________________________

If you have any problems printing the letter, or would like printed copies to hand out to friends and neighbours, or would just like more information, please feel free to email:  grimsbycitizens@gmail.com

Here is the Official Open House Notice from the Town:

Download (PDF, 521KB)