Tuesday, March 20 – 7:00 PM @ Town Hall – 

Join us for these two important Open Houses:

Height and Density Bonusing Open House

These policies will impact ANY new development OR redevelopment in Grimsby.  Height and density bonusing can be permitted ANYWHERE – even in your existing neighbourhood.

Do you think developers should be able to get more height and density above what is written in the Official Plan in exchange for giving the Town a cash payment or “community benefits” such as a sculpture?

To date:

  • LJM Waterview Condos paid the Town $200,000 to get 15 storeys where 6 is the maximum.
  • Rosebay (Planet Nite Club) paid the Town $100,000 to get 18 and 14 storey towers where 12 is the maximum.
  • The Rosseau Group (Casablanca Inn) are proposing two towers, 22 and 19 storeys where 12 is the maximum.
  • DeSantis Century Condos (Downtown) is proposing height bonusing to get 8 storeys where 4 is the maximum.

Do you see a disturbing pattern here?

Tell the Planning & Development Committee and Planning staff what you think at this Open House!

Download (PDF, 163KB)

4 Windward Drive (Casablanca Inn Site) Open House

If you live in the new Lakehouse subdivision, you will want to attend this Open House!

Do you enjoy your view of the escarpment?

Well before you moved in, Town Council in January 2017 approved a 14 storey and 18 storey development just across Winston Road that will block your view, put your homes in shadows and decrease privacy.

To add insult to injury, they are now entertaining the idea of another set of 22 and 19 storey towers right beside those that will block even more sunshine and create more negative impacts for you and your family.

Do you want to look at a wall of concrete and glass?

Do you think the Casablanca Inn/old Planet Nite club site can handle FOUR towers, 22, 19, 18 and 14 storeys?

Do you think this is just too much intensification for the neighbourhood?

And, if our insiders are correct… that’s not nearly the end of it.

Read the post above about height and density bonusing… is it any wonder some developers are lining up at Town Hall with ridiculous proposals and a willingness to offer the Town cash or other “community benefits”?

Tell the Planning & Development Committee and Planning staff what you think at this Open House!

Download (PDF, 364KB)