This week looks like another busy one at Town Hall with Admin & Finance on Monday, April 9th, P&D on Tuesday, April 10th and Public Works on Wednesday, April 11th.

The Planning Open House on the Zoning By-Law Corrections will not just clarify some previous oversights, but may impact some upcoming development projects. We encourage everyone to come out and hear the presentation.

April 10th Planning and Development Committee Agenda,773,89907&preview=93144

The agenda includes some important items:

  • Open House for Zoning By-Law 14-45 Corrections
  • Site Plan Application for 10 Windward Drive – Rosebay/Rosehaven (aka “Odyssey”)

The Odyssey development proposal has evolved over the past year from initially being two 16 storey buildings, then to a pair of 18 storey and 14 storey buildings with townhomes around them, and now a new proposal is being presented with a single but larger 20 storey building with more townhomes surrounding the site.

The Official Plan sets a maximum height of 12 storeys for this site.  The previous proposal (14 & 18 storeys) had a zoning by-law amendment passed that authorized the height to 68 metres (not in storeys) and provided $100,000 cash towards “community benefits” to be determined in consultation with the community.  This was passed while Lakehouse (north of the subject site) was under construction and future residents could not voice their concerns.

Although this is not an “open house”, if you have been following the recent Casablanca Inn redevelopment proposal right next door to this one (4 Windward Drive – 22 and 19 storeys) or live in the Lakehouse community, you may find it interesting to attend this meeting.

In reviewing the Town’s planning report, we found a error that may cause some confusion.  It erroneously indicates that the 18 and 14 storey site plan was approved by Council on October 2nd, when in fact it was deferred at the September 26th P&D meeting and thus was never submitted to Council for approval.

March 20th Planning & Development Committee Minutes

At the Monday, April 2nd Council meeting, the March 27th  P&D minutes were brought forward for approval, but the March 20th P&D minutes were not.  The March 20th agenda included the well-attended Open Houses for the 22 and 19 storey development proposal for 4 Windward Drive (Casablanca Inn), as well as the Open House for Section 37 Bonusing (height and/or density).

The March 20th minutes as posted on the Town website appear to missing some of these details.  We have asked the Town if these will be brought forward to the next Council meeting for approval.

March 20 Agenda:

March 20 Minutes:

March 27 Agenda:

March 27 Minutes:

The historical significance of the Koorneff house at 314 Main Street East (formerly the Moore House) has been on the P&D and Heritage Advisory Committee agenda a number of times over the past year.  Interestingly, the notice to designate the property was issued on February 22 and, after receiving an updated peer review report and legal advice, P&D committee is now moving to undo that designation.

March 6, 2018 Grimsby Heritage Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes:

“314 Main Street East – Leo Rosetto and Tim Herbert Mr. Herbert addressed the Committee with respect to the notice of intention to designate 314 Main Street East. He stated his objections to the notice of intention… The Director of Planning gave background information on the peer review of the staff report. He stated that the notice has been issued and it cannot be withdrawn. He gave information on the Conservation Review Board process, and the process under the Heritage Act if Council were to change its position as advised by the Ministry of Culture.”

Following the GHAC meeting, the P&D committee changed their position on March 27th and moved the following resolution:

“PD 18-21 Moved by Ald. J. Johnston; Seconded by Member K. Agnew Resolved that Report P.A. 18-07 be received;

And that the Committee recommends to Council that the Director of Planning be directed to withdraw the Notice of Intention to Designate that was issued on February 22, 2018, under Section 29 of the Ontario Heritage Act for the building at 314 Main Street East following the formal withdrawal of all objections to the designation that were submitted to the Town during the statutory objection period; And that the Committee recommends that Council delegates all required authority to the Director of Planning to carrying out the aforementioned withdrawal of designation.”

The March 27th P&D minutes were approved by Council on April 2nd.