A Better Niagara recently posted a chart detailing how members of Regional Council voted on key issues of integrity in recent years.  Their methodology was to evaluate what type of vote represented the best of interest of citizens on that particular issue and from that, tally up.

On integrity issues that ABN selected their analysis shows that our current Regional Councillor, Tony Quirk, had a remarkable 100% record in voting against the best interest of the public.

  • Alan Caslin For Chair? – Voted YES
  • Appoint Integrity Commissioner? – Voted NO
  • NPCA Value For Money Audit? – Voted NO
  • Appoint D’Angelo as CAO? – Voted YES
  • Request Provincial Audit of Pelham? – Voted YES
  • CAO Hiring Process Considered Closed? – Voted YES
  • Apologize to D’Angelo & D’Aamboise? – Voted YES

The chart can be found below (we apologize for the image quality):

You can read ABN’s full Facebook post on their vote analysis here:  https://www.facebook.com/betterniagara/posts/240521306535751