Niagara This Week just published an interesting article on West Lincoln Memorial Hospital, arising out of discussions that took place at the recent AMO (Association of Municipalities of Ontario) conference in Ottawa.  The West Niagara delegation was quite strong in their demands for a WLMH re-built/new hospital.

What was interesting about the article was the comments from Mayor Bentley that say at best re-development is a few years away.  The article further quoted:

“Given the election just happened, who knows. New governments always come in and say ‘We didn’t know the books were this bad,’” Bentley said, adding he’s afraid Premier Doug Ford is looking to cut more than spend.

Given the apprehension and doubt of the Mayor, it makes one wonder why the Town is pushing hard and fast to put in place the Hospital Corridor Secondary Plan (HCSP)?  See our previous posts on the HCSP here.

Is the West Lincoln Memorial Hospital re-development the latest “carrot on a stick”, much like GO trains, for developers to use in justifying overdevelopment?

As we had postulated in an earlier post on the HCSP, much of this pressure seems to be coming from the Regional level.  This aptly timed election post from Regional Councillor Tony Quirk  provides further food for thought on that matter.

With a $50K contribution towards the consultant it would appear that the Region is once again driving development in this plan. They pushed the heights and densities in the GO Secondary Plan and and are attempting to “confirm the need for the extension” develop an east-west transportation strategy with a road through the woodlot.

If they are steering the ship, which it appears they are, how much say will Grimsby residents really have?  Do we want the Region to dictate what they think is best for Grimsby?  NO!  Vote for new voices on Regional Council and Town Council that will truly listen to what Grimsby residents want and need.

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