While the weather might have been cool this past Monday outside Town Hall, the temperature inside reached a boiling point at the Admin & Finance Committee meeting that afternoon.

According to an article and letter to the editor in NewsNow, the acting Chair of the committee, Alderman Steve Berry lashed out not only on a fellow Alderman but also a member of the public spectating the meeting.  Another resident had to call out Alderman Berry on his actions and get him back on track.

Here is the article from NewsNow (click to enlarge):

And a letter to the Editor from the target of Mr. Berry’s criticism:

This might be quite the shocker for some of our readers, but it should be noted that that this is not the first time Alderman Berry has crossed the line of decorum in a Town meeting.  For example, those in attendance at the June 5, 2017 Council Meeting witnessed a verbal tirade by Mr. Berry when it came to discussion of the Ombudsman Report concerning a meeting that contravened the Municipal Act.  You can read our notes on that meeting by clicking here.

This event has brought to light a serious consideration for voters to ponder as they decide who to elect Mayor on October 22.