SOURCE:  Twitter/@SandraLEaston

Lincoln Mayor Sandra Easton is not shying away from the sorry state of politics at the Region, including the controversial “hiring” of Regional CAO Carmen D’Angelo.

Easton who was a member of the CAO selection committee is now speaking out and saying that her four years at the Region and the “backroom dealing” there has left her “disgusted”.

Easton went on to say:

“This has become an issue of honour, my integrity, the personal code of conduct that I follow. I don’t appreciate being played.”

While the CAO Selection Committee was doing their task, she says there was a parallel shadow process that had a predetermined outcome.  Given the current composition of Regional Council, no surprises there.

Easton says she has confidential information that she will disclose to the Ombudsman, when they conduct an interview of her.  There is no doubt that the Ombudsman will find out who the “shot callers” are and name the names.

While the Ombudsman’s report will not come out until after the election, hopefully voters will do their duty and sweep out most of the current Regional Council ahead of that report.

You can read Grant LaFleche’s full article in The Standard here: