After a claimed “mistake” in posting the public notice sign for October 9th meeting on the proposed Century Condos project downtown, the makeup second public meeting for this development is being held this coming Tuesday, November 13th @ 7PM at Town Hall.

This second and final public meeting on the project will have an open microphone for residents to ask questions and raise their concerns to building proponents, Town Staff and offer information for the consideration of the Planning & Development Committee.

Even if you only have a general concern about how you want the look and feel of downtown to evolve or be preserved, then this meeting is a must attend.  Being the first and most bold project downtown, this project is a “litmus test”  to see what people will accept (or not) in our downtown.

At least one commercial property neighbouring the proposed development is very supportive of this project, no doubt in hopes that a developer will buy up neighbouring properties at a premium price to redevelop for another project.  But with profit, comes expense… the expense of losing further buildings with history and part of the true Downtown character.

One not need to imagine the “domino effect” this 4-storey 5-storey project may have.  And lets not get started on the construction and traffic mess this would generate downtown!

To read the Town’s planning report on the proposal, please click this link here.  The minutes from the October 9th, 2018 Public Meeting can be read at this link here.

Public meetings are not for venting frustration, they are a way for the community to communicate their vision to the Planning & Development Committee and Council.  In this regard, it should be very interesting to see what degree of acceptance or dismissal of residents concerns there is and how much “push” there is to get this project approved before the new Council is sworn-in on December 3rd.

Want to participate or spectate?  The meeting starts on Tuesday November 13th @ 7PM at Town Hall.  All are welcome and encouraged to attend.