The Region has just sent out a update notice in regards to the two Environment Assessments (EA) it is undertaking in Grimsby.  While the first Public Information Centre (PIC) was held last year and covered both EAs, they have now been split.

Casablanca Boulevard & GO Transit Station Access

The Region as part of the e-mail states:

The Environmental Assessment (EA) for this project is now at the stage of completing the evaluation of alternatives to improve Casablanca Boulevard, the QEW Interchange, and sections of South Service Road and Livingston Avenue, in order to provide access to the Grimsby GO Transit Station.

There will be a second PIC for this EA held on January 16th @ the Casablanca Winery Inn:

  • Registration:  5:30PM – 6:30 PM
  • Presentation + Q&A:  6:30PM – 7:30PM
  • Open House:  7:30PM – 8:30 PM

It should be interesting to see if the “moderator” and format of this Q&A, essentially a public meeting, will attempt to stifle public opinion like the first one did.

Livingston Avenue Extension

On the Livingston Avenue Extension EA which intended to justify the need for a road through the woodlot intends to “examine options to provide improved east-west capacity”, is not part of this PIC in January and is at an earlier stage.

From the update:

The Livingston Avenue Extension Environmental Assessment (EA) is at an earlier stage in the EA process, currently working on background studies and evaluating the options to provide improved east-west capacity in the area. We are consulting with Provincial authorities, the Town of Grimsby, and local agencies and stakeholders, and will be back to present on the progress to date at a public event in spring 2019.

Interesting despite the word-play change they have not changed the actual name of the EA and have kept it “Livingston Avenue Extension” in it, though it is supposed to be “one” of the options.

Once this EA has been completed and the ball is back in the court of Town Council, I am sure most of us are looking forward to them making good on “voting no to the road” through the woodlot, if that is what the Region suggests as the “best option”.