Well it looks like the new Council has wasted no time and  is bringing forth a public update on the financial workings of Grimsby Energy Inc. and the much loathed Biodigester.

The meeting will have a presentation from Delight Davoli, the new Chair of Grimsby Energy, followed by a closed session for Council to discuss the legal and other considerations that may have arisen from the report.

It is nice to see that this information is finally starting to see the light of day after being suppressed for years by most of the previous Council.  Former Alderman Johnston and current Councillor Kadwell repeatedly tried to bring this information forth on the last Council and were stonewalled.

You can review the agenda and the table of contents for the status report here:  January 14 Special Council Agenda

The meeting is open to the public and starts at 6PM, rather than the usual 7PM due to an all-day Council training session prior.