Well, thanks to a tip from a reader we now know that the Region will be hosting their Public Information Centre #2 for the Livingston Avenue Extension EA on Tuesday May 28th. It should be interesting to see what plans they have for the Irish Grove Woodlot.

Not surprisingly, this author is on the mailing list and should have received e-mail notice of this PIC. Perhaps those in planning at the Region want to keep this one quiet, the less people who know, the less that attend and less opposition.

Lets change that shall we?

The consultants will definitely be on their toes with their Regional handlers watching so they don’t make utterances like at the first PIC where it was stated the study was to “confirm the need for the Livingston Avenue extension”. This go around they are intent on detailing information on “additional east-west travel capacity in west Grimsby and consider alternative ways to achieve this, including an extension of Livingston Ave.”… sounds nicer does it not?

The PIC will be held at the Casablanca Winery Inn from 6:15PM to 9PM on Tuesday May 28th.

The start time is noteworthy as previous Region PICs and Stakeholder meetings on this and the Casablanca EAs started at 5:00PM or 5:30 PM. Why is this noteworthy? The Town has a Planning & Development meeting scheduled that same evening starting at 6PM… it sounds like the Region really is afraid of getting tough questions from eagle-eyed Committee members and stifling their participation at the PIC.

Please share with your friends and neighbours, we need to ensure the Region will preserve the Woodlot undisturbed for generations to come.

See you on May 28th!