The Region will be presenting as a delegation at tonight’s Council meeting on the proposed Livingston Avenue Extension, as part of the Regional Official Plan Amendment 13 (ROPA 13).

Back in June, Grimsby Town Council passed a resolution that was loud and clear on the Livingston Avenue Extension, which in part stated:

And, that the duly elected 2018-2022 term of Council for the Town of Grimsby does not support an extension of Livingston Avenue, through Greenbelt lands, from Emily Street to Main Street West […]

You can read the full text of the resolution, which is quite comprehensive, in the June 17 Council minutes at this link here.

Below is the PowerPoint that the Region will be presenting at Council tonight. Mistakes aside, despite supposedly awaiting the results of the EA from the “independent” consultants, it sounds like the Region has a narrative to project.


Also on tonight’s agenda (available here) is a proposed By-Law to return part of an unused road allowance back to the adjacent land owner, as requested. What is interesting is this land is part of a larger parcel that abuts the proposed Livingston Avenue Extension and was forgotten about since 1866. Among other questions of significant gravitas, the timing begs the question “why now?”.

As always, Council meetings are open to the public at Town Hall, 160 Livingston Avenue and tonight’s proceedings commence at 6:30 PM, as the last remaining “summer hours” meeting. If you are following the Livingston Avenue Extension and/or the Irish Woodlot matters, you are urged to attend.

EDIT: You may also view the new Town lives stream of Council meetings at:

EDIT2: An archive of the September 16, 2019 meeting can be found here: