In a Special Meeting of Council earlier today, Council approved an agreement that will see the sale of the Biodigester to a subsidiary of White Owl Limited, which according to the Town press release is “a leader in waste management services throughout Canada”.

An ill-conceived energy project from the previous terms of Council, the Biodigester became the not only the subject of jokes around Town, but invoked the ire of residents with millions being spent and results that fell very short of stellar.

Here is an excerpt from the Town’s press release:

“The transaction announced today significantly mitigates the financial losses incurred under previous management, and by attracting new investment in Grimsby, adds to our local economy and our community.”

Mayor Jeff Jordan

You can read the full press release below:


While the exact detail$ of the sale have yet to be announced, the Mayor’s statement is welcome news. It seemed to be a possibility initially that the whole site might have to be scrapped with equipment being sold off for pennies on the dollar. This sale and re-investment by the new purchaser will hopefully result in a win-win for the Town and taxpayers.

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