With global warming and the environment being hot topics these days (pun intended), the Town is looking for a few good and talented people for it’s new Grimsby Green Advisory Committee (GGAC).

According to the Committee’s Terms of Reference (click here), the Committee’s purpose is:

The Grimsby Green Advisory Committee is an environmental advisory body that will help promote the stewardship, preservation, conservation, protection and enhancement of the natural environment in the Town of Grimsby to build a vibrant, complete, healthy community.

While there are no special requirements to be a member of the Committee, if you have an education or background in environmental sciences or a related field, this would be an excellent way to apply your knowledge and help keep Grimsby “green”.

You can find the application, Terms of Reference and general information about community members for Town boards and committees at: https://www.grimsby.ca/en/town-hall/career-and-volunteer-opportunities.aspx

Deadline for applying is October 15th at 12:00 PM.