Our friends over at SaveMainStreet.ca have already covered this application, but it is worth reposting here for those who might have missed the proposed development at 133 Main Street East AKA “Burgess Estates”.

If the picture above gives you a sense of déjà vu, you would not be alone. The proposed building bears a striking aesthetic resemblance to the DeSantis “Century Condos” proposal a little further West downtown.

Similar to the Century Condos project, the applicant (Burgess Heritage Group/DeSantis) has announced and distributed mailings for their own “open house”. This will be held at Nelles School (118 Main St. E) on October 28th at 6:30 PM.

Below is an excerpt from the mailings distributed to area residents:

At this juncture it should be noted that this is not a Town Hall “open house” event, which along with the statutory public meeting has yet to be held by the Town’s Planning & Development Committee. As noted in a previous meeting, the Town “open house” will be on December 10th @ 6PM.

This letter, by invoking Planning Act language not applicable to this “developer open house” is very problematic. For residents not well-versed in the development process, they may very well be misled into believing this “open house” is a Town-sanctioned meeting, which it definitely is not.

As for the mechanics of this “open house”, SaveMainStreet.ca has a great take on it. You can read their posts about the meeting at this link here and the overall proposal at this link here.

You can view the full submission material, including reports, “photorealistic” renderings and detailed plans of the proposal on the Town’s website at: https://www.grimsby.ca/en/doing-business/current-planning-applications.aspx