The Grimsby GO Transit Station Secondary Plan was presented to the Region’s Planning and Economic Development Committee on April 25 and Regional Council for approval on May 3, 2018.  Only a few small technical changes were made.

Consultant John Ariens from the IBI Group, representing the DeSantis Aquablu/AquaZul/Corporate Centre development, again raised concern that the potential new office space planned for the GO station area would detrimentally affect their ability to find tenants for their Casablanca Corporate Centre.

Below is the May 3, 2018  NTW article:

Download (PDF, 114KB)

And the May 3 Regional Council agenda:

The original three storey Casablanca Corporate Centre was approved in 2015.

In December, 2016 the Town of Grimsby Planning & Development Committee approved the revised five storey Corporate Centre (as part of the AquaZul development approval), put a holding provision on the site and made it clear that the Corporate Centre had to be framed before the western 10 storey portion of the residential building could be started.  Mr. DeSantis had previously indicated that he would be moving his head office staff to the new Corporate Centre.

The building has yet to be started.

Mr. Ariens also states in the article that the GO station “is at least four or five years away” and “not imminent”.  Considering Metrolinx’s promise of the train in Grimsby by 2021 … buyers in the West End should ensure they do their due diligence.