Monday’s meeting of Council marks the first “regular business” session for the new Council, but also the last meeting of Council for 2018.  As such, the agenda  is quite a mixed bag of goodies.

The Agenda for Monday night’s meeting can be found here:

Once the holiday cheer has been dispensed in terms of awards for the Santa Claus Parade, Council take on the issues of future (2021) waste collection changes and the communications strategy for the “Opt-In/Out” of retail cannabis sales (the public meeting will be held in January).

There will be some more Committee assignments (ie. Heritage), which could be interesting given what happened at the Inaugural meeting, with one councillor refusing his appointments.  Additionally there are some updates to Grimsby’s By-Laws for Fire Routes.

Century Condos – LPAT Appeal

The real interesting agenda item and one this author could devote a whole article to (but will not just yet)  is a memo that the Town has received notice of an LPAT (formerly the OMB) appeal filed by Homes by DeSantis for the proposed Century Condos downtown.  They have filed on the grounds of a “non-decision” of Council within the proscribed time limit and is motioning that it will get LPAT to decide the matter.

Having researched this particular project up and down, all that I can say that this appeal appears to be  a proverbial “shot across the bow” of the Town.  Based on the application, the public meetings and open-source information, it is this author’s opinion that the Town’s lawyers will have an absolute “field day” if this actually makes it to an LPAT hearing.  Stay tuned!

As always, Council meetings are open to the public and begin at 7PM.