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Ottawa Planning Staff Analyze Bill 23: Local Impacts Are Grim

When “Dozer Doug” Ford decided to drop Bill 23 aka “More Homes Built Faster Act” on October 25th, a day after the municipal election, planning staff in many municipalities scrambled to analyze what this bill would mean. We know it will line the pockets of Ford’s developer friends, but how will it impact municipalities… and ultimately the taxpayers that fund them.

The Planning Staff in Ottawa scoured over the document and looked at what the changes would mean for the City and prepared a report for the consideration of their Council. Their findings paint a grim picture of the local impacts that the Bill will have upon their city, and by extension, other municipalities.

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The $10 Million Waterfront Gamble: 502 Winston, Part 2 – The Path To Paradise?

We are back and picking up where we left-off in August on the proposed agricultural “re-designation” of the Greenbelt waterfront property at 502 Winston Road. While there was intent to follow-up with another post shortly after the “open-house” meeting in September, we listened to an inside voice that said just wait.

Apparently this was a wise move, as “Dozer” Doug Ford’s government is now attempting to intervene in what should be a municipal/regional application process with its plan to pave over large sections of the existing Greenbelt to have “More Homes Built Faster”. The waterfront Greenbelt lands at 502 Winston Road are part of that controversial proposal.

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Ford & PCs Planning To Bulldoze Parts Of The Greenbelt, Grimsby Included

Photo Credit: Canadian Press/Chris Young – Fair Dealing

Our next post was meant to highlight the environmental aspects of Bill 23 “More Homes Built Faster Act, but it appears Doug Ford and his Progressive “Conservatives” managed to one-up themselves today by proposing to remove or re-designate 7,400 acres from the Greenbelt. Among the proposed areas up for grabs in Grimsby is the 502 Winston Road lakefront property and a large block near Main Street West.

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In Case You Missed It: Ford’s “Bill 23” Proposes Radical Changes To Planning, Heritage And More

This post seemed fit under “In Case You Missed It” as the Ford government introduced Bill 23 aka “More Homes Built Faster Act” one day after Ontario’s municipal elections. The bill proposes about “50 actions” that slashes and burns everything from the Planning Act, the Ontario Heritage Act, and the Conservation Authorities Act just for starters.

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Municipal Election 2022: Final Days, Final Considerations… And Vote!

With only today and tomorrow left before we know who will be representing us as the Council of 2022-2026, it is time for those voters who have yet to cast their ballot to reflect on the past 4 years of Council, and the campaigns of incumbents and new-faces trying to secure a seat in the horseshoe at Town Hall.

With the ground-game of candidates pretty much winding down at this point, lets look at some points of consideration if you are yet to cast your ballot.

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Fact Checking: Duncan Storey – Ward 3’s “TRULY Inclusive Candidate”?

To say that the 2018-2022 term of Grimsby Council was fractured is an understatement. Take the contentious issues, lack of decorum from some Members of Council and amplify that through the use of Zoom meetings and it easy to see how things went off the rails at times.

What residents have called for loud and clear in the next Council is one that is more cohesive and works together well. But that can only happen if the Members of Council you elect possess at their core, decency and mutual respect for others, even in times of disagreement.

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Council 2018-2022: Sharpe’s Email Forwarding Leads to Harassment of Resident

Like a letter in an envelope, most people have a general expectation with email that the contents of the correspondence will remain confidential to those it is addressed to. When a person writes elected officials or government, the expectation of privacy is typically even higher.

For one resident, it turns out that writing an email to Council ended up in one Councillor forwarding it on, resulting in the resident being harassed, threatened and ridiculed online.

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