Photo Credit:  Jule Jocsak/The Standard

After being raked over the coals by the Ombudsman over the illegal seizure and ejection of media from a meeting last year, Regional Council looks like it’s trying to make amends.   Did we mention it’s election season?

Regional Chair Alan Caslin offered a formal apology for the behaviours and contravention of law although he earlier referred to them as an “inconvenience”.

Before full discussion on the report could take place at the Special Session,  our own Regional Councillor Tony Quirk and Niagara Falls Councillor Selina Volpatti attempted to “call the question” in a “nothing to see here, move along now” fashion.

You can read the full article from The Standard at:

If you wish to see the recommendations, motion to “call the question” and the ensuing discussion you can view the recorded live stream from the Regional meeting below: